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Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching

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Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching Empty Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching

Post by Soul For Set on Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:44 pm

This guide is to teach you how to merch. Have fun!

Table of contents (remember ctrl+f is your friend)
1A: What is merching and how to do it.
2B:Merching Tips
3C:What kind of merch clans are there?
5E:What to watch out for.
6F:Other commonly asked questions.
7G:legal stuff
8H:Special Thanks (credits)
9I:benefits of merching.

1A:What is merching and how to do it.
Well good people i'll tell you. As you might know in real life a law of
economics called supply and demand make prices rise and drop
as by how "rare" a product is. An Example is oil. Much of you know
that oil and products made from said oil are extremely costly,
but they used to not be.
The depletion of oil has caused the prices of it and its products to
rise extremely because there is not enough of it.
Well merching uses the same practice but in a good way so you will make profit.
A merch clan must have many people to do what they do because
they need everyone to help.
Everyone in the merch clans buys a single item, and as much as they can of it,
in the grand exchange for max price. Since the runescape economy
follows the same basic rules the real life economy does, the price will rise
because there is a high demand for it. Now, each merch clan has a goal
price they try to reach.
After supply and demand causes the price to reach the goal price
that has been set everybody sell in the grand exchange at market price
making a profit.
This technique usually about doubles your gold.
Now the most effective clan i've seen is a free to play merch clan
free to play and pay to play difference explained later in guide)
I suggest this over anything else in runescape for making money.
Note: This can't be done effectively unless you have a signifigant
amount of money to invest in the merch. I mean it will still work but
you wont make that much. I suggest at least around 100k

Quick summary:
Buy the item the merch clan is telling you to in the grand excahngefor max price
and hold it while the price goes up until the merch clan tells you to sell it.

2B: Merching tips.
1) Make sure the clan your merching with is trustworthy because
if its a scam you may lose major money.

2)Invest as much money as you can in the item the clan
is merching so the merch will be successful.

3)Never dump (sell the merch item for your profit)
until the merch reaches the goal price or the merch
clan tells you to.

4)Check out all the features of a clan because they
might have special events or forums.

5)Help the clan out by advertising the clan
in the grand exchange by saying things like join
(merch clan name goes here) the best merch clan in runescape.
There are several things you can put. Some people even like
to think of little slogansfor there merch clan. so whatever
floats your boat is okay as long as you getting people to join.

6)Check the clan chat title every time you join. Seriously i've
missed selling the item because i never checked
(was off doing a pretty pathetic clue scroll) Very Happy
3C What kind of merch clans are there?
Well there are three types actually and this is where I explain them.

1)Free to Play merch clans (f2p for short)

Free to Play merch clans are the merch clans that merch items
that are available to people who play runescape for free
(not paying any bills or anything like that.) These clans tend
to have allot more people because half the population of runescape
(maybe more im not sure) play runescape for free and
members can also participate in f2p merch clan,
so the merches tend to be more successful.

2)Pay to Play merch clans (p2p for short)

Now we go in to the merch clans in which you have to be
a member to join in. These merch clans include items only
available to members (paying bills to play and whatnot)
These clans have less people in them because only members can

3) Of course the scam clans.
Couldnt leave these out of course. These clans will basically
take money from you by telling you to buy an item
just so the clan leader can sell his/her pre-bough
vast amounts for max price in the grand exchange.
4D Ranks
Becoming a rankand maintaing it:

Ok here comes the part about what almost every person wants
to do in most merching clan chats. Talk.
Ah yes talking.
See many many many many maaaaany merch clans keep their clan
chat muted so that only ranks may speak.
This is most frustrating to some people.
By the way people we do mute the clan for a reason. Spammers who wish to
annoy merch clans must not be permitted.
Among those who also arent permitted are people who would
like to cause confusion.
So how do you get the dubious honor of being ranked?
Well most merch clans give you a rank by advertising which
I mentioned earlier in the guide. Advertising is going to the grand exchange
(or other populated areas) and shouting things like join
(your clan chat name) and make millions!!!!. After youve obtained a
rank (you usually start out as a recruit) you can use
the same method to raise higher up the ranks.
But if you already have a rank allot of clans let you earn
.Also if youre going for a rank make sure
youre very active in the merch clan that you are working for.
Make sure also that you are polite and patient with those
that are confused.If you are rude to those who dont undersatnd or get
frustated by people asking questions over and over again
you might get de-ranked (you dont want to be de-ranked, it sucks)

Notes: Never ever ever ever ever never get sarcastic and cross
with the ranks. You will get kicked faster than you can say
"i". Seriously if you say things like "this is so stupid why havent
i gotten my rank you guys are fools" thats not exactly something
that will get you a rank. Just make sure you are polite to
high ranks not saying that gentle reminders are bad. Telling
high ranks that you are advertising is vital or how else would they
know to rank you?

About ranks:
There are 8 ranks in all. Here are they listed in order along with what
appears beside your name in the clan chat when you have this rank:

Not in clan: (nothing)
Smiley face: (basically a smiley)
Recruit: (One gold stripe)
Corporal: (two gold stipes)
Seargant: (three gold stripes)
Luitenant: (bronze star)
captain: (silver)
General: (gold star)
Owner: (key) note: only one person can have this rank and that is
the person who made the merch clan

5E: What to watch out for
Ok here comes the bad news. Some merch clans try to scam you.
They tell you to buy an item to make a profit of their own.
Sadly the clans make people suspicious of clans that do not scam.
Also some clans just arent good.
They will try but have failed merches (which is when the price
of the item fails to go up).
So I stress that you watch out for these types of clans because
if you fall for them or are unlucky enough to come by a bad one you might
lose major cash. Also always be active in the merch clan your using
because some sell early because they cant reach their goal price.
If you play it right you can still make profit because the price might of gone
up at least 200g or so.
6D:Other commonly asked questions.
Q:Is merching against runescape rules?
A:No, it is not. A few times its been disputed but jagex
(the owners of runescape) do not see it as a major issue and
therefore accept it.

Q:How do I merch?
A:I eplained this earlier.

Q:Who is the leader of the merch clan?
A:the leader of a merch clan has a key next to
their name in the clan. It is also the name you typed in to join the clan.

Q:How long does it take to reach the goal price:
A:That depends on how many people participate.
The more people buy, the faster the price rises.

Q:What item are we merching.
A:The item that is being merched will usually be in the cc title.

Q: Can i make the item you are merching>
A: Please do not because this does not make the price go up
because you arent buying them your making more which makes them actually
worth less so i advise you not to unless you want the merch
to fail.

Q: Hey what do i do i have no money to merch with.
A: go get some.
7G:Legal Stuff
This guide is to be used only where I say, nowhere else.
I am in no way shape or form associated with Jagex.
8H:Special Thanks (credits)
Jagex: for making this game and making merching possible
Me: for being awesome
Gamefaqs: For helping me with the copyright stuff
9I:benefits of merching
1)well for starters you basically double your money.
2)You can make some good friends out of it
3)give you something to do (i mean anything to kill
the boredom of power leveling woodcutting)
4)give you a feeling of satisfaction of helping others
if you get to becoma a rank.
5)you may not have any other clan to visit so theres one
6)anything else awesome about merching Smile

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Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching Empty Re: Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching

Post by Epically Gp on Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:51 pm

Good Job!

Epically Gp

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Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching Empty Re: Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching

Post by 8421 Matthew on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:58 am

Very nice

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Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching Empty Re: Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching

Post by Pl0xed on Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:02 pm

Good guide for beginners,
Thank You Soul Smile


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Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching Empty Re: Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching

Post by lvl3pill on Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:14 am

Nice stuff kind of helped....lol


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Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching Empty Re: Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching

Post by Fries on Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:55 pm

Awesome, I am currently in an AP economics(a level 100 college course) course at my high school, the supply and demand makes perfect sense in your guide.
As the demand raises and the supply lowers as fewer people are selling and more are buying the equilibrium price skyrockets! I finally understand how the merch clans work now! Thanks Smile


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Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching Empty Re: Soul For Set's Epic Guide To Merching

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