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bcbudius application

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bcbudius application  Empty bcbudius application

Post by bcbudius on Sat Oct 02, 2010 2:54 am

1) RuneScape username:bcbudius (sry forgot 1st time)

2) Age: i am 21

3) How long have you played RuneScape: been playing for about 6 years

4) How long have you been merching in general: not long mabye 2 years

5) Clan Merching experience: i have been in over 50 merch clans but always seem to be the only one willing to play by the rules. the "real" merch clans i have managed to find and thrive in were we on ge, i spent about 4 months in this clan and was ranked lieutenant before the clan disbanded when owner quit runescape. after this i went to cash out ge i only stayed here for maybe 2 months before the ranks decide to dump over 100m of items, i was never ranked, but did meet requirements

6) How long have you been with Epically Gp?i have been with you for less then a day, but was in kidmercher for over 3 months

7) What software do you use to run your adverts:i usually use AutoTalker X Pro, but after a reformat of my drive, i now am left using a basic no name bot that sucks but gets the job done. ( i am in process of trying to get it back but makers have taken it off of their site (autofigher nx). but if anyone knows another good one i would defiantly upgrade

How many adverts can you run at one time:never really tried running more then 10 at a time but seeing as i get no lag for 10 im sure i could do close to 40-50, but only if i get the good program back because the current one i use does not support multiple windows. although i have never tried opening the program more then once, it may work for more

9) How often/long can you run, and maintain your adverts for: i could run all night and some days (my girl friend has a wow addiction and plays a lot during the day, and closes everything i have open usually)
10)How many advertisement accounts do you have to advertise with:right now i have around 6 noob accounts

11) Do you understand that even though you are in the advertisement team, you must still help out clan by answering questions being active etc.: yes i understand and am willing, i was actualy going to apply under Q&A originally but after talking becca in game i went for advertising

12) One paragraph why you should be ranked over the next person: I have alot of experience being in clans of various games, and i said in my "merch clan experience" i have experience in being a ranked member, such as mediating clan fight and helping to resolve them or just answering questions on how a merch clan works. I also fell i am a chill person who is fun to talk to and spend those long hours grinding out levels or mindlessly trying to make that next million (Smile maybe im a little biased)

13) Other information that you would like to tell us. i may be applying for the advertising section of the clan but i would like to say this is more of a general application to the clan whether it be for making accounts, answering questions or helping with events id be happy to help in all aspects of the clan.


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bcbudius application  Empty Re: bcbudius application

Post by Epically Gp on Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:06 pm

Accepted! cheers

Epically Gp

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