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Post by sky on Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:04 pm

1) RuneScape username: Sky GuyM

2) Age: 15

3) How long have you played RuneScape: probably about 3-4 years almost

4) How long have you been merching in general: 0h:0m:0s

5) Clan Merching experience: none

6) How long have you been with Epically Gp? a few minutes ago i signed up for this.

7) What software do you use to run your adverts: RSBot AIOtalker, although i will prolly modify the script to send it randomly instead of howeverlong you put it for.

How many adverts can you run at one time: 1non laggy. or 2extremely laggy(on my desktop) or 2non laggy or 5(ish)laggy(on my laptop)

9) How often/long can you run, and maintain your adverts for: 24/7afk, or an hour or 2 a day at the keyboard.

10)How many advertisement accounts do you have to advertise with: one, i can always download an updated tutorial island solver and make a couple(hundred XD) while im at school.

11) Do you understand that even though you are in the advertisement team, you must still help out clan by answering questions being active etc.: Yes, When i am not afk advertising i can be active in the clan, or just be on my main while a noob account adverts and helping then.

12) One paragraph why you should be ranked over the next person:
Ugh, i hate paragraphs. Well, i guess because im awesome, super cool, really bored, and cuz i can be. Did I ever mention im really bad at writing stuff about myself? Because I am. So yeah... i can advertise 4 ya!

13) Other information that you would like to tell us.


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Post by Epically Gp on Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:50 pm

Accepted! cheers
Please pm any rank when you are online.


Epically Gp

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