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the ramblings of xpure

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the ramblings of xpure Empty the ramblings of xpure

Post by kami-sama on Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:12 pm

1) RuneScape username: xpure3 of course. too lazy to write my full name

2) Age: 20

3) How long have you played RuneScape:since way, way back there in classic. i even have proof. got the god damn sythe on 2 accounts

4) How long have you been merching in general: id prolly say all and all about 2 years or so. got outa runescape so i stopped carrying

5) Clan Merching experience: owned previous clan called "mafia omega" but it crashed

6) How long have you been with Epically Gp? i just got a an forums account other then that not too long, but this is my first clan that ive applied for

7) What software do you use to run your adverts: P(nut)B(otter) of course and i use the same one that u do becca

8] How many adverts can you run at one time: on my desktop i can do 4 max, and my lappy i can do only 2 max

9) How often/long can you run, and maintain your adverts for: 1 hour min 4 hours max, idk about every day but i do what i can

10)How many advertisement accounts do you have to advertise with: 4 but im planning on making more because 2 of them are my characters >.<

11) Do you understand that even though you are in the advertisement team, you must still help out clan by answering questions being active etc.: aye that seems pretty clear

12) One paragraph why you should be ranked over the next person:
bloody hell!!! i have to write a god damn paragraph now. well lets see, last year i learned how to breath fire, so if anything that might come in handy if we have a hacker or something in the clan, ill pay him a visit at his house. im not stupid either, ill wear a dragon disguis, hell never know he he he.
also the fact that im a reincarnation of our lord and savior "ghengas khan" cant forget that fact. other then that im pretty normal and average like mayo 0.o

13) Other information that you would like to tell us. yh there is, actually theres somrething ive really been meanning to tell u guys.... i like kitties ^^

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the ramblings of xpure Empty Re: the ramblings of xpure

Post by Epically Gp on Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:39 pm

suspened affraid

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