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Post by fdddfddfd on Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:48 am

ranks should be not how long u advert but how long u stay in the clan like with out leaving!!!! and most pll out there thatwant a rank i think should try harder or advert a crap load more. yes, i know that advert is how most clans get the ranks but i think its the ranking pll that should help the most with it. Also u should need a rank to talka a freakin clan, i mean i no it would be hetick but as long as everyone get there say or talk to a friend(s). i have recently joined the clan so far i have spent 18m on cooking apples date (12/10/12). if we keep have advert for ranks its going to take for ever and thats not how it should work u should be able to ask do a lil sothing and there u go u have ur dame rank. but it has to bea 2hour mother fen advert thing and its not worth it. i know it is how most do it but that doesn't mean we have to do. (this is for everyone who is ink of having to advert for hours to getthere rank).

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