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Because I know Dan just adores me.

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Because I know Dan just adores me.

Post by Purga-Torey on Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:52 pm

Control C.... Control V...

1 ) RuneScape username: Purga-Torey, pun intended.

2 ) Age: 17, 18 on December 28th.

3 ) How long have you played RuneScape: On and off since 2002.. On some RuneScape classic shit.

4 ) How long have you been with Epically gp: A few days. I keeps it real.

5 ) How long have you been merchanting in general: Over a year now. However, Hero Merch was one of my first merch clans, and I was ranked in there for over a year.

6 ) Clan Merchanting experience: Hero Merch.. Guess I should have saved the last answer for this question.. Uhm. It started Fall of '09. I walked into a 7-11 and bought a 3 Musketeers bar and a pack of menthols. I wanted to enjoy my 3 Musketeers bar behind the 7-11 and have a smoke. I happened upon Mike Hershey, who I didn't know at the time. He was slinging weed, and since I had an extra $20 on me, I decided that I'd get a dub off of him. I invited him over to my house to smoke a bowl.

So we walk into my house, lit up, and he started talking about how he was dealing weed to pay for his RuneScape memberships. I was interested, so we began talking about RuneScape, and he mentioned that he ran a successful merchanting clan in RuneScape. I wanted a rank. One thing lead to another, and my lips were on his thick, warm penis. I mean, it wasn't that bad.. He came in about 30 seconds [lol @ sex noobs], and promptly logged into the Hero Merch account and ranked me.

I "worked" my way up to General over the course of a few months. I probably ranked up faster than most other ranks in Hero at the time. Thank god I'm such a fellatious whore.

7 ) Can you answer questions with out getting angry or out of line: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DON'T KNOW ME YOU PUNK ASS MARK. Just kidding, of course I can. That's what medication is for.

8 ) How active are you on Runescape: Becoming more active nowadays, so I can fulfill my goal of 99 Thieving, and owning the best looking cape in the game.

9 ) One paragraph why you should be ranked over the next person: Well, firstly, I'm addictive. I'm sort of like crack cocaine.. Most people love me, but some don't. But those who don't have never tried me and therefore don't know what they're missing.

In all seriousness, though, I'm a responsible rank. I don't take my "job" too seriously, but I take it seriously enough. Like, you know those ranks who think they're the shit, so they talk down to non-ranks and whatnot? Well, I know for a fact that I'm the shit, so I treat both ranks and non-ranks with the same amount of respect. If someone has a question about the clan, or merchanting in general, I never mind helping them out. To be honest, I mostly just stand around RuneScape nowadays and talk to people anyways. Answering questions is like an added bonus.

Hope you take the time to check this application out. Otherwise, I'll probably go on a hissy fit and shoot up my school. Just kidding, I don't go to school. What do I look like, a woman? [Don't answer that]

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Re: Because I know Dan just adores me.

Post by Dudey on Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:42 am

Alright. Accepted. Smile


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