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emc falcon app

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emc falcon app

Post by emc falcon on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:14 pm

* What we are looking for in the Advertisement Team: *
A) The ability to advertise well, using bots. (Main point of this team)
B) Maturity. (You must be able to act mature so people take us more seriously.)
C) Patience. (Sometimes it will seem that your work isn't doing anything, but you have to keep advertising.)
D) Creativeness. (Being creative and fun with the non ranks makes them feel wanted, be fun!)

** Please fill out the following format **

1) RuneScape username:emc falcon

2) Age:15

3) How long have you played RuneScape: 4 yrs

4) How long have you been merching in general:2 yrs

5) Clan Merching experience:2 yrs

6) What software do you use to run your adverts:rsbot

7) How many adverts can you run at one time: 5

How often/long can you run, and maintain your adverts for: 24/7

9)How many advertisement accounts do you have to advertise with: 3

10) Do you understand that even though you are in the advertisement team, you must still help out clan by answering questions being active etc.: yep...p.s. im on the q and a team. duh.

11) One paragraph why you should be ranked over the next person: umm...im applying because becca told me to be on the advertisment team. end of story.

12) Other information that you would like to tell us. idk. im bored?

emc falcon

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Re: emc falcon app

Post by Epically Gp on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:17 pm

Accepted and locked.

Epically Gp

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