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Post by DarkSatan on Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:54 pm

1. peidongpker
2. 15
3. I played runescape ever since runescape classic was out, but I've been in and out of runescape. I can't remember exactly when runescape classic was.
4. Few Years
5. Couple of Months
6. Few days
7. Powerbot
8. 2, but i plan on getting a better computer in November
9. Really depends, On the weekend i can usually maintain the whole day and night while on weekdays maybe afternoon or nights.
10. Not many, but i have ip changer so i can frequently make new accounts.
11. Obviously yes, since this is part of the responsibility of all clan members.
12. Runescape has always been a hobby of mine and being able to make more money by being in a merchanting guild will increase my money and make the game more enjoyable. I am probably one of the not many people in runescape who has played for so long with so much experience. I try to be helpful to others by being mature and present useful information to help them out. I've seen many clans who try to scam others and I've even been scammed, It's hard to find a good clan these days who put everyones needs along with their own. I really hope I can become a member of the Clan.


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Advertising Application Empty Re: Advertising Application

Post by Epically Gp on Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:24 am

Will Interview...
Locked! cheers

Message iProgasm!

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